We provide training for HR leaders and staff on employee health with a focus on physical health, pain reduction, stress management, and body systems.  We speak to employees about their health, their bodies, and how to make small changes in order to live their lives pain-free. Why? Because musculoskeletal pain (ie, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain etc) is the 2nd most common reason that an employee absents from work (mental health is 7th – ONS) making it the single most important area to focus on in employee health and well-being.

Imagine a workforce able to manage and reduce their own pain and symptoms and improve their own health by understanding their bodies better.

Our standard product is a half day training package which includes a balance of the following:

  • a focused training session/s on physical health with an emphasis on stress, posture, taking ownership of health behaviours and small impactful changes. Employees are encouraged to get to know the anatomy and physiology of their own bodies in order to understand their needs and physical messages better. We love delivering this myth-busting training and it shows. And yes, we can include a section on looking 10 years younger…
  • individual or small group education sessions for those in pain with a qualified, registered and insured Musculoskeletal Specialist for individual advice and forward planning on presentations such as low back pain, neck pain, plantar fasciitis, shoulder pain, knee pain inc meniscal damage, osteo-arthritic hips, teeth grinding, chronic headaches, balanced physical training planning.

In addition, for retained clients and clients with more diverse/specialist needs we also offer a range of targeted training packages and on-going Corporate Health and Wellbeing Support via LMS for a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription.

We also offer consultacy services to HR leaders concerning the building of a Health and Wellbeing package, ie research-led advice on what to put in your health and wellbeing package from a health and wellbeing expert.

Your employees are valuable and their time is precious. We believe that if you invest in quality Health and Wellbeing provision led by experts, it will repay that investment time and again.

We are committed to tracking our outcomes and delivering an impressive ROI.