Moment Consulting provides health and well-being expertise for all companies, from SMEs to FTSE 100 clients. We are a group of trained professionals, who looked at the existing offering of health and well-being providers and decided we could do it better. We felt there was a paucity of skilled, highly-educated, professional, registered, insured health and well-being experts who actually knew what they were talking about and who also had extensive experience in the corporate sector. We fill this gap in training provision and we also recruit health and well-being leaders for you to bring these skills in-house, provide change management services to embed your health and well-being policies as well as an events management service to get those employee well-being weeks organised. Our focus is always your ROI and our vision is to get your employees to feel more valued, more engaged and more productive.

Our services:

Training for HR leaders and staff on employee health with a focus on pain reduction, stress management, body systems and musculoskeletal (MSK) health.  We speak to employees about their health, their bodies, and how to make small changes in order to live their lives pain-free. Why? Because MSK pain (neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain etc) is the 2nd most common reason that an employee absents from work (mental health is 7th – ONS) making it the single most important area to focus on in employee health and well-being.

Recruitment of health and well-being/employee benefits professionals. Our expert search and selection team will find you the best people to help your company create and run its health and well-being scheme.

– Change Management we can help your company communicate and embed its new Health and Well-being policy.

– Event Management we can help you plan or roll out one-off or regular employee health and well-being events from inception to completion.